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  • Eliminate customer complaints

  • Improve call answer rates

  • Increase call centre efficiency

  • Connect your customers three times faster

  • Manage peaks and troughs

  • Increase employee morale

  • More satisfied customers

  • Seamless integration

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YES! OrderlyQ works with existing in-house technology. It can be deployed within minutes without installing additional hardware. It requires no no-going Management and is self – configuring.

Yes, If the caller hangs up and forgets to call back until a few hours later, OrderlyQ will remember their number and place them at the front of the queue to be served immediately. At your option, we can do automatic call backs during agent idle time too.

In a case when caller forgets to call back after their announced wait time we do have an optional dialler that we can configure with OrderlyQ. It is intelligent and automatic and designed to launch a call-back to the caller only if there are available agents and there is no inbound queue.

OrderlyQ can be either deployed on-site or in the cloud, at the network level.

Anyone that receives large spikes in traffic calls that puts agent availability or performance at risk, or anyone who wishes to handle day-to-day peaks and troughs in the most efficient way, or anyone who wishes to improve caller satisfaction on their phone lines.

The primary purpose is to maximise your call handling effectively without losing any customers.

It's simply too costly to answer every caller at the moment that they call, as this requires you to staff for your peak levels all day, resulting in massively expensive agent idle time. A managed call queue helps you cope gracefully when the volume of traffic is greater than your business capacity, and there is no more graceful queue than OrderlyQ. Our service fully enables your company to serve more customers, more efficiently, and faster - without complaints.


We would like you to access our free resources section of OrderlyQ materials. These resources are useful and valuable assets that we want you to draw upon. The different sections in the resources area aim to provide you with more in-depth knowledge – white papers, technical details, best practice recommendations and tutorials relating to a varied set of business needs. Please feel free to download and apply these in your own business, and if you have any questions or want further guidance we are always happy to hear from you.

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