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What to expect from your Free Trial

We will take you through a short presentation to explain how the system works and why it is so effective at increasing answer rates to above 99% without having to hire new people within your team.

We will show you the system live in action, including our award-winning historical reporting tool and the live control panel. We will give you our best-practice recommendations as well as showing you the amazing caller experience that callers receive through our service.

Our system easily connects with yours in minutes, and you will be able to ask our technical experts any question relating to the service. OrderlyQ works with any phone system.

Before your trial goes live we will provide you with a Proof of Concept number that routes calls through your existing system to ensure everything is running smoothly before any live callers enter any queue.

Once you have the system switched on and running, we offer you free support and guidance through the first two weeks of service.

In the first week of your free trial, the current performance of your call centre will be established. We will measure a statistical baseline with your current queue solution, with particular focus on your current answer rate, average handle time and volume of calls. All these key performance indicators will improve with OrderlyQ.

In the second week of your free trial, we will turn on the full OrderlyQ system. This will instantly start showing you positive results in terms of more callers answered, increased caller satisfaction, and shorter caller duration straight away.

Once the above has taken place we will provide you with a full trial results analysis document, quantifying the improvement in your key performance indicators – so your company will be able to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed.

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