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How OrderlyQ Works

Are your contact centre agents swamped during peak times, leading to long queues, abandoned calls and frustrated customers?

Lots of customers want to contact companies over the phone, but it is not always a great experience when they do, due to long waiting times. You can try to increase the number of agents to match peak demand, but this is costly and unpredictable. If you've tried adding an outbound call back system, you will know it only makes the problem worse, as agent workloads pile up with outbound calls, inbound queues get longer, and customers get even more frustrated.

Enter OrderlyQ

OrderlyQ is not an outbound call back system - it's the opposite of that. With OrderlyQ, every caller is given an individually estimated wait time and invited to hang up and call back themselves when their slot is ready, rather than wait on hold. OrderlyQ will remember their number, so when they call back, they go straight to the front of the queue. What is more, even if they hang up and forget to call back until a few hours later, OrderlyQ still remembers their number and places them at the front of the queue to be served immediately. It's the most effective way to smooth your peaks into your troughs, making use of agent idle time. The people who choose to hang up to call back later also make the queue shorter for those who choose to remain on hold - so everybody wins. Even better, because everyone is given a choice about waiting on hold, no-one complains about the wait.

What could be better than that? This: Because no-one is complaining and your callers are ready to speak with your agents as soon as they pick up the phone, your average handle time improves, allowing you to answer even more of your callers with the staff you already have. Just listen to the video above to understand how it works.

Our patented methodology is far more efficient than any outbound call back system - in real-world head-to-head tests improving answer rates ten times as much as the leading outbound call back solution. You can therefore be confident that OrderlyQ will reduce your wait times and increase your agent answer rates, up to 99.9% callers answered! OrderlyQ works with your existing technology and can be deployed within minutes at the network level without installing additional hardware. It requires no on-going management and is entirely self-configuring - just plug and play.

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